• Aramark – Yosemite Transition: Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about Yosemite’s upcoming transition to Aramark

    On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, the National Park Service (NPS) announced it had selected Aramark as the new concessioner for Yosemite National Park. Under the 15-year contract, scheduled to begin on March 1, 2016, Aramark will manage Yosemite’s hospitality programs encompassing lodging, food and beverage, retail, recreational and transportation services.

    Below are some frequently asked questions, please note that we will continue to update this page with additional information as it becomes available.

    About Aramark’s Plans

    What services will Aramark provide at Yosemite National Park?
    As the selected concessionaire, Aramark will be responsible for managing the hospitality programs for visitors inside Yosemite National Park, including lodging, food & beverage, retail, recreational and transportation services.

    What are Aramark’s plans for Yosemite?
    Specific details will be announced over the next few months, however, our goal is to elevate the guest and visitor experience by introducing new offerings, upgrading amenities and enhancing existing programs. We’ll also be reaching out to the local community and key stakeholders to discuss our plans.

    When will Aramark unveil its specific plans?
    We intend to provide updates and unveil details throughout the course of the transition and in advance of commencing operations on March 1, 2016.

    How will Aramark handle reservations for arrival on March 1, 2016 and beyond that are made prior to the transition?
    All confirmed reservations for future dates will be honored. Communication will be sent after our transition on March 1, 2016 confirming existing reservations within the Park for future dates. 

    Employment Opportunities

    If you are interested in joining the Aramark team at Yosemite National Park, please visit our Jobs page to view our current job postings.

    About Aramark

    Aramark has a longstanding partnership with the NPS and has a track record of developing programming and managing operations that enhance the visitor experience.  Aramark understands the importance of delivering experiences that enrich our guests’ national park visits and we are committed to doing the same for Yosemite’s visitors.  

    With the addition of Yosemite, Aramark now has nine concessions contracts with the NPS across seven national parks.  

    Other Notable Recreation Areas and Day Parks/Attractions:

    In 2014 Aramark hosted 22 million visitors at 16 national and state parks.

    Have additional questions? Please contact us at Yosemite@aramark.com.


    Frequently asked questions and timeline for job opportunities during the Aramark - Yosemite transition.