• Aramark Building Community Day

    Enriching and nourishing lives around the world


    On Aramark Building Community Day thousands of Aramark employees demonstrate our commitment to enrich and nourish lives around the world as part of our ongoing commitment to build local communities. Our employees are passionate about service and giving back and on ABC Day we volunteer to inspire families to lead healthier lives and empower youth and adults to gain valuable job skills to succeed in the workforce.

    Our dietitians, chefs and culinary experts will educate about nutrition and healthy cooking and our many human resources professionals share their knowledge of today’s critical workforce skills. We’ll join in nearly 200 projects across 14 countries, impacting hundreds of thousands of children, adults and families.

    This day is part of Aramark Building Community Day, our global volunteer and philanthropic program. Since 2008 Aramark has invested more than $9 million in expertise, financial and in-kind resources to strengthen communities. More than 30,000 employees have dedicated their skills through hundreds of volunteer projects, impacting millions of people in dozens of cities.


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    September 17, 2015: Promoting health and wellness in Toronto
    At Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto, volunteers packed healthy snacks for families while executive chef Garner Quain taught community members about preparing nutritious meals.

    ABC Day 2015 - Toronto - Health and wellness
      ABC Day 2015 - Toronto - Health and wellness
      ABC Day 2015 - Toronto - Health and wellness

    Enriching and nourishing kids' lives in Chicago
    The #aramarkvolunteer tag on Instagram is full of action shots, including these happy kids at Casa Central in Chicago.

    ABC Day 2015 - Casa Central (Chicago) - happy kids

      ABC Day 2015 - Casa Central (Chicago) - happy kids
    photo credit: @glutenfreejaxx
      ABC Day 2015 - Casa Central (Chicago) - happy kids
    photo credit: @glutenfreejaxx
      ABC Day 2015 - Casa Central (Chicago) - happy kids
    photo credit: @casacentral

    Happy Aramark Building Community Day!
    Teams of volunteers reported for duty in locations around the world.

    ABC Day 2015 - China team
      ABC Day 2015 - Germany team
      ABC Day 2015 - Ireland team

    September 16, 2015: Ireland
    Over 80 of our Ireland team members to participate in Aramark Building Community Day in Drogheda
    Aramark Ireland volunteers
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    Fact Sheets
    More than 200 Aramark Building Community Day projects are planned around the world. Click on the fact sheets below to learn more about some of these projects.


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    Washington, DC

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